Medical City Fort Worth August 26, 2016

The Fort Worth Transplant Institute at Medical City Fort Worth has the best one-year graft survival rate in Texas and second best in the nation for kidney transplants – 100 percent, according to a recent report from the Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients ( Medical City Fort Worth program also has one of the shortest wait times in the United States for patients to receive a transplant – approximately six months, compared to more than 72 months wait time nationally. 

“The one-year graft survival statistic is a critical quality metric for transplant programs,” explained transplant nephrologist Sridhar Allam, MD, who is medical director for the Medical City Fort Worth transplant program. “Studies show that post-transplant renal function in the first year predicts long-term kidney transplant survival.” 

Graft survival refers to the length of time the transplanted kidney functions well enough to keep recipients from either needing to return to dialysis or needing another transplant. 

Texans can register online to be organ donors at More than 11,000 Texans are currently on the national transplant waiting list, according to Donate Life Texas.