Medical City Fort Worth March 02, 2016

Volunteering during the summer can help high school students explore career interests, while assisting the community – plus it looks great on a college application, according to The College Board.

For students interested in learning more about the health care industry, Medical City Fort Worth of Fort Worth is accepting applications through March 15 for its 2016 student summer volunteer program.

Aursheen Eelani, a 17-year-old student at Trinity Valley School in Fort Worth, volunteered in the pharmacy at Medical City Fort Worth during summer 2015. She says she enjoyed learning how to assemble special “code blue” trays used in the hospital. These contain special emergency medications administered to patients who receive treatment for cardiac arrest, to establish normal cardiac function. Medical City Fort Worth is a certified chest pain hospital.

“I would like to pursue a career in medicine,” Eelani said. “Volunteering at Plaza helped me realize that I love working in a hospital setting.”

Learn more information about the Plaza summer volunteer program.