Medical City Fort Worth December 30, 2015

Fort Worth, Texas (December 30, 2015) – The time a patient spends on the wait list for a kidney transplant is among the shortest in the nation at Medical City Fort Worth’s Fort Worth Transplant Institute. That’s according to the biannual report of the Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients (SRTR), released this month.

The average wait time for a kidney transplant at Medical City Fort Worth Transplant Institute is 6.9 months, while average wait time in Texas and the nation is more than six years, according to SRTR. In addition, Medical City Fort Worth's program exceeds the national rates for both one-year post-transplant kidney survival and post-transplant patient survival.

The kidney transplant program at Medical City Fort Worth Transplant Institute is one of the fastest growing programs in Texas. Sridhar Allam, M.D., transplant nephrologist and medical director for the program, attributes MCFW's success to “an outstanding transplant team, exceptional surgical techniques, innovative methods of organ utilization and personalized post-transplant care.”

For more information about kidney transplantation or becoming a kidney donor, contact the Fort Worth Transplant Institute at Medical City Fort Worth, (817) 834-8500.