Interview Process

Interviews are granted on an invitation only basis.


For information on ERAS, you may access their website. Current medical students can also obtain additional information at their medical school dean’s office.

To locate us in ERAS ID# 14153570 ACGME ID: 1404800894

Why HCA?

  1. Number of opportunities. HCA has converted many of its high-performing facilities into teaching hospitals. With more than 3,300 residents in 239 residency and fellowship programs in 47 hospitals across 15 states, there’s an abundance of opportunities for residents and fellows.
  2. Range of specialties. HCA offers students a broad range of specialties, helping them more easily match and have a meaningful and impactful residency experience.
  3. Culture. From Florida to Utah, we pride ourselves in creating a community of physicians who can work together to care for and improve human life through teamwork, partnership and unity.
  4. “Earn While You Learn” program. Residents and fellows have the opportunity to receive monthly financial assistance while still in training through our resident and fellow stipend program.
  5. Business side of medicine. Through HCA’s “Training Program Outreach”, we offer residents and fellows expertise and guidance to help navigate the sometimes-murky world of contracts, agreements and employment.
  6. Collaboration. HCA programs are perfect for medical students looking to complete their residency in a state-of-the-art hospital environment that pairs residents with clinicians in their chosen specialty to make a difference in the community where they work.
  7. Innovation and technology. HCA is committed to innovation — fully immersing residents in hands-on, patient-centric care.
  8. Research opportunities. Our wealth of clinical data gives our residents and fellows the kind of insight that can transform the practice of medicine.
  9. Patient-centred care. Our programs teach residents and fellows to look beyond the diagnosis and to put the patient and their needs first.
  10. It’s a career. With more than 170 facilities, 119 freestanding surgery centers, 945 practices and 90 urgent care centers, HCA has career opportunities for physicians in all specialties. In fact, we prefer to bring HCA-trained physicians onto our teams, because we know they will uphold our commitment to quality, patient-centricity and caring for and improving human life.