Navigating Your Cancer Journey From Discovery to Recovery

Sarah Cannon at Medical City Fort Worth provides experienced, compassionate navigators to support patients as they go through the many stages of living with cancer.

Your nurse navigator is your medical system advocate and will help you and your family understand each part of the cancer journey while supporting your physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

How Our Nurse Navigators Help You

  • Understand diagnoses and available treatment options
  • Understand what resources are available and how to access them
  • Understand your medications
  • Provide educational materials
  • Offer you the opportunity to participate in clinical trails
  • Help you overcome barriers
  • Coordinate care with the entire healthcare team, including:
    • Surgeons (surgical oncologists, plastic surgeons, etc.)
    • Medical oncologists
    • Radiation oncologists
    • Genetic counselors
    • Support groups
    • Dieticians
    • Physical therapists
    • Lymphedema therapists
    • Radiologists
  • Connect you with community resources
  • Facilitate communication with and between the healthcare team members

Contact a Medical City Fort Worth Nurse Navigator at

 (817) 347-1154