Kidney Transplant Surgery in Fort Worth

Medical City Fort Worth Transplant Institute

According to the Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients, the average time to receive a kidney transplant at Medical City Healthcare hospitals is months less than the national average, with Medical City Fort Worth being the fastest in the nation. The ranking takes into consideration factors such as time to transplant, transplant volumes and transplant outcomes, among others.

The Medical City Dallas and Medical City Fort Worth Kidney Transplant Institutes combined to perform more than 230 kidney transplants in 2018.

The right choice for your kidney transplant, in Fort Worth and beyond

We take joy in leading patients through the life-changing process of kidney transplant surgery. Our compassionate staff and world-class care confirm that the Medical City Fort Worth Transplant Institute is the right choice for your kidney transplant.

Some call it a transplant. We call it a miracle.

At Medical City Fort Worth Transplant Institute, we believe kidney recipients and their living donors deserve the most sophisticated care. We work around the clock to deliver just that. Our comprehensive program addresses your needs from every angle: medical evaluations, post-transplant recovery, finances, emotional health, prescriptions, insurance, nutrition and more. We here to guide you through each step along the way.