Peripheral Intervention in Fort Worth

Healthgrades Five Star Recipient for Peripheral Vascular Bypass, 2019

Arteries in your heart are not the only ones that can become blocked or narrowed. Peripheral intervention refers to any procedure that removes blood clots or plaque from the arteries in the legs, arms, neck or abdomen.

Peripheral Arterial Stenting

Peripheral stenting, or stenting in the legs, is used to treat peripheral artery disease, which is the buildup of fatty deposits and plaque that block the flow of blood through arteries in the lower extremities. The most common symptom is pain in the legs and cramping when walking.
Stenting is a much less invasive alternative to traditional bypass surgery. A small, metal-mesh tube is inserted via a catheter in the groin area, requiring only a tiny incision. The stent is then guided to the proper place and expanded to hold the blocked artery in an open position to allow proper blood flow and circulation.